November 12, 2007


SculptureCenter Presents

Bendati/Blindfolded, an open, collective performance

Sunday, November 18, 2007
10am New York; 11am Buenos Aires; 12pm São Paulo; 3pm London; 4pm Cairo, Rome; 5pm Addis Ababa; 9pm Phnom Penh; 10pm Shanghai

Everyone, all over the world, is invited to take part in the action Bendati/Blindfolded.
Participants are asked to remain blindfolded for one hour. This is to identify with the state of mind of Luigi, who, for over a year now, has had trouble with his eyesight. He must remain in complete darkness, or keep his eyes closed for long periods of time. Those contributing are free to stay still or move, do something or not, work or rest. Participants are also invited to identify with Luigi's condition and very simply experience the loss of sight for an hour.
After the performance impressions can be posted on a space where analogies, coincidences, and individual thoughts may appear; where images and voices seen or heard during the action can find an echo.

Emilio Fantin, Luigi Negro, Giancarlo Norese, Cesare Pietroiusti

Bendati/Blindfolded and Forgotten Sculptors
Bendati/Blindfolded is the last action in a series of performances that make up Forgotten Sculptors. Forgotten Sculptors is a project by Fantin, Negro, Norese, and Pietroiusti, produced by SculptureCenter for Performa 07. Part of the project consists in a series of short email stories. A performance by the four artists with the participation of Joan Jonas and Steve Piccolo will be held at SculptureCenter on November 3rd at 3pm as a part of Forgotten, Continuous, Influx: 30 Hours at SculptureCenter.

With the support of the Italian Cultural Institute, New York
In collaboration with Fondazione Salvatore Meo, Roma

Photo: Davide Bertocchi

SculptureCenter, New York
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