December 12, 2007

Expertise Express

A book by Giancarlo Norese
Published by Galleria Massimo De Carlo, Milan, Italy, 1997
40 pages, b/w, sewn bound, size 5x7.5 cm, Italian
Edition: 500
Distributed by Printed Matter, Inc., New York

I made Mr De Carlo the proposal to spend an afternoon a week in his office—every Thursday, free of charge—to meet artists who wanted to show their works to the gallery. He accepted my offer immediately. I examined artists' portfolios, I spoke to them, while trying at the same time to explain that it was really an "expertise" job as well as being a work of art. So they asked me what kind of art I did. I replied that our conversation—along with the inquiry about their past movements and current affiliations—"was" the work of art. I asked them for pictures or texts so that at the end of the operation I could present these to Mr De Carlo and keep a record of their passing. All this information produces "side effects": just like this booklet.

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