October 21, 2010

CLUB 21 – Remaking the scene

Experimental artists from around the world will come together to reinvent the art-club scene in Club 21: Remaking the Scene at One Marylebone, London, October 13-23. The venue will become an exciting non-commercial centre of creativity with free entry on the fringes of the Frieze Art Fair. Club 21 will be a crucible of works in progress, where sound art and performance are presented alongside installations, inviting interaction between artists and audience.

It was the widely perceived lack of a “scene” today that prompted the curator Oxana Maleeva (Art Apart), in partnership with gallerist Natasha Akhmerova (Barbarian Art Gallery), to conceive Club 21 – Remaking the Scene. Sound and performance will be developed by one of the protagonists of the New York underground scene in the 1980s, the internationally renowned musician and sound artist Steve Piccolo, co-founder of the Lounge Lizards. The project has been organised with Mudam Museum of Luxembourg and Victoria – the Art of Being Contemporary foundation (Moscow).

At One Marylebone the scene will be set as soon as visitors walk through the door into what looks like a vintage nightclub lobby, reminiscent of art scenes such as New York in the 1980s, Perestroika-era Russia, and the English and California punk scenes and artist-run occupied spaces in Milan. The main hall will be the backdrop for sound events and performances, as well as large sculptures and installations. Sound art curator Steve Piccolo has invited a number of outstanding composers and sound experimenters to contribute recorded pieces that play with the idea of the “conversation”.

The artists of A Constructed World will invite people to contribute to a paper room with drawings and texts; Evgeny Yufit will present performances based on those of the experimental NecroRealists during the Perestroika era in St Petersburg; the Italo-Russian artist Marc Vincent Kalinka will pose as a security guard outside One Marylebone in a live performance of his original video Still (Nothing).

The list of participating artists includes Jota Castro, Roberto Cuoghi, Bert Theis, Adrian Paci, Steve Piccolo, Kawarga Dmitriy, A Constructed World, Ramuntcho Matta, James Nares, Amos Poe, Alexander Ponomarev, Marc Vincent Kalinka, Stephen Torton, Piotr Belyi, Nathalie du Pasquier, Mariette Schiltz, Evgeny Yufit, Giancarlo Norese, Edo Bertoglio, Stina Fisch and Steve C. Harvey, Filip Markiewicz, Luca Pancrazzi, and Klara Palotai.

CLUB 21: Remaking The Scene
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