January 28, 2008

Evolution de l'art, II

List of the works available at Evolution de l'art:

Leasing a small portion of space in an artwork made by another artist, and using it
Space Needed
Paintings, sculptures, videos and sound pieces are welcome. A few square centimeters or a few seconds are enough for this project.

Not talking for 24 hours, starting from a moment chosen by the collector
I will not talk with anybody for 24 hours, during an usual working day, and will not stay at home.

Receiving the artists who want to show their works in a well-known gallery
Expertise Express
In 1997, I received for three months all the artists who wanted to show their works at an important gallery based in Milano. This fact is for sale. On my future publications, I will state that the project is the property of the collector.

Renouncing to think about a personal project when invited to a show
No Idea
When invited to participate in an exhibition, I will completely renounce to show my own personal concept, and I will instead exhibit artworks according to the collector's project. I will refuse my authorship.

Pronouncing the names of every people I know, as much as I can
Spare Time
In this performance, I will sit on a chair, trying to pronounce the first and last names of the people I know (and who are supposed to know me), by memory, starting from my good friends.

Giving another artist the possibility to participate at a show, at my place
On the occasion of my participation in a group or a solo show, I will give my place to another artist, not invited at that exhibition.

Collecting information about a list of unknown people, sent by the buyer
Art Chronicle
The collector will send me a list of artists, friends, etc., all of them living in the same city (max. 20), and I will ask people if they know them, collecting information (including mistaken data), impressions, opinions and anedoctes about them.

The fact that for six months the artist slept under a table
Negotiating Table
In 1995, I slept for six months under a table. This fact is for sale.
On my future publications, I will state that the project is a property of the collector.