March 13, 2011

Thank you failure

Date: March 9. 2011 (Wednesday)
Venue: A Space - Asia Art Archive, Room 1001, 10/F Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Thanks to everyone to join us to Thank You Art Day 11'
We are very greatly pleased to invite you here and share a brief information of the programme. Wish you enjoy our "A virtual live windows" in between here and there, on and off-line and you and us. We have on-offline sites in/out of Hong Kong (A Space @Asia Art Archive /, contributors and other guests could fine us through live streaming on-line and on-site. This is an upgrade version of "A surprised live chat section" from last year's programme.

This year's main topic and keywords of programme are:
"Be Linked/ Collective Synergy" "Positive Collectivism" "Failure"
This is going to be a stage to share various ideas and its phenomenon of collectivism nowadays. Over 15 young artists and talented cultural workers are invited to stand for telling you a story of pure facts what we are facing now, as well as exchanging such interesting cases of how "collaboration"/ "un-expected combination" could bring impressive impacts.
You will find more friendly gestures and a naked practice by art+cultural workers today.

Please find more information and some of past programs at wiki: (Follow us)
RSVP at me

Time table:
3pm: A Space Open (8am in Europe)
3pm: Soft March - Opening manifesto "Art allows me the freedom to choose poverty" by young art laborers with Sylbee Kim
4pm: Thank You Art Day - "A virtual live windows" starts (9am in Europe)
4pm: Susanna Chung of Asia Art Archive - "OPEN EDIT: Mobile Library" with "A live exhibition tour" by Duc & Lena at San Art in Vietnam
4:30pm: Kenta Torimoto X Chen Hangfeng with Piano Performer Hajime - "Snow" from Hokkaido!
4:45pm: Saubin Yap - "Hello" from KL
5pm: Ise parkingproject - "Hello" from Singapore Biennale (10am in Europe)
5:15pm: Alterazioni Video - "Collective Annual Meeting"
5:30pm: -Coffee break- RECESS X Nicola Turrini X Nina Fiocco X Jaša X Giancarlo Norese
6pm: Adrian Wong X Ezra Emerson - "Jerk Meeting" performance (11am in Europe)
6:15pm: Nicolas Pelzer - "Sketch"
6:30pm: Magdalen Wong - "Hello" from Goyang International Artist Residency in Korea
6:45pm: Yuk King Tan - "Farewell" performance
7pm: Isabella Ng X Mark Beasley - "I told you we can hear the ocean" (noon in Europe)
7:15pm: Giles Thackway X BABABA International - "gPhone Walki Talki"
7:30pm: -Beer hours- Kuo-Wei Lin X Global Alien - "ALIENATION"
8pm: Sadam Fujioka - "Code Poetica" Closing performance

On-site installation:
"SO DO WE collective" offline station
"Art allows me the freedom to choose poverty" by Sylbee Kim
"0 Budget in Object" by What If Artist Group

About "Thank You Art Day" (39art): Thank You Art Day' - The Day of 39@rt is a holiday to appreciate, promote, and otherwise positively engage ourselves in contemporary art. It was established by Japanese artist Yoshiaki Kaihatsu in 2000 to foster the appreciation of contemporary art in Japan, and it became world-wide event now. Last year, 16 museums and 141 art galleries/spaces, as well as individual artists and Internet-based entities in The world , offer special tie-in programs on March 9. (

P.S In Japanese, 3/9 (san-kyuu) sounds how Japanese people pronouce "Thank You" because there are no "th" sound in Japanese language. That's how "Thank You Art Day" is started!

Nana Seo, Curator
nanaseo at gmail dot com