December 13, 2012

Out of Place_an ongoing archive, Berlin

22:37 cultural association and berlinerpool are pleased to invite you to “Out of Place_an ongoing archive” in CORPO 6 galerie:

Thursday 13. December 6 pm, CORPO 6 galerie, courtyard, entrance C, first floor, Herzbergstrasse 55, 10365 Berlin.

“Out of Place_an ongoing archive” is an open and continuously upgradable archive, which was established with the aim of providing an overview of the widest possible range of theoretical references and ideas concerning the concept of nomadism in relation to the forms of contemporary artistic production. Behind the project is the idea that being out of place is the condition which enables a person to continuously reposition himself in one place. This process, not only physical, it is necessary to build the constantly changing sense of our presence in the space. The installation contains around eighty documents sent by artists, critics and curators. The first corpus of the archive has been shown in the section Independents3 of ArtVerona, Italy, in October. The visitors will be asked to contribute once again to the construction of the archive by participating directly in the cataloguing and indexing of the various contributions present in Out of Place. In this way, as a welcome guest, the archive will find its temporary location within CORPO 6.

VERNISSAGE 13 Dec, 6 pm
> food specific by Panem et Circenses.
> 9.30 pm live set by Iku Sakan.
> Djset Von Verhille.

OPENING HOURS 14 Dec and 15 Dec: 4 pm > 7 pm

CONTRIBUTIONS by Adalberto Abbate, Aleksandar Maćašev, Alessandro Ambrosini, Alessandro di Pietro, Alessandro Rolandi, Alice Pedroletti, Ana Maria Bresciani and Antonio Cataldo, Armida Gandini, Balloon, Barbara Fragogna, Basma Alsharif, Bcomeblog, Benedetta Panisson, Branka Nedimović, Boba Mirjana Stojadinović, Catrina Zanirato, Cecilia Divizia, Chryssa Tsampazi, Daniela DiMaro, Diego Mallo, Dubravka Vidovic, Dusica Drazic, Elena Bellantoni, Elena Mazzi, Elif Sezen, Emanuele Belluffi, Emma Waltraud Howes, Fabio Campagna, Francesco Tavolaro, Gaia Martino, Giancarlo Norese, Gianluca Lombardo, Giorgos Papadatos, Giuseppe Lana,Giuseppe Mendolia Calella, Irma Markulin, Iva Kontić, Ivana Smiljanić, Ivana Spinelli, Lisa Wade, Lorenzo Mazzi, Luca Andriollo, Lucia Veronesi, Luis DeMatos, Madispa, Maja Beganovic, Marco Belfiore, Marco Pezzotta, Massimiliano Marraffa, Massimo Estero, Maria Mitsopoulou, Maria Fernanda Moscoso, Marija Jovanović Masa, Mario Ciaramitaro, Maura Banfo, Mihailo Vasiljevic, Natasha Vasiljević, Nina Simonovic, Nina Todorovic, Pamela Martinez Rod, Paula Muhr, Philipp Koch, Petya Koleva, Pola Dwurnik, Rafa Badia, Rebecca Agnes, Sasha Vinci, Sergio Racanati, Silvano Arcidiacona, Slobodan Stosić, Stefanie Schairer, Stefania Migliorati, Stephan Groß, Suite-Case, TamtamART (Ichen Tsou, YaWen Fu, YunTing Hung), Tatjana Fell, U10, Valentina Lucia Barbagallo, Vassiliea Stylianidou, Vassiliki Vayenou, Vesna Micovic, Yeşim Ağaoğlu.


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