May 6, 2007

A False Luke in Rotterdam

Contemporary Passages: temporary roots and interweaving paths
25 May – 1 July 2007
A project by Angela Serino for TENT, Rotterdam.

Other than in the recent past, where moving was an exceptional experience and journeys were finite, today more people move for temporary periods of time and in multiple directions, driven by curiosity, material need or practical necessity.
This creates a new complex geography where people carrying different perspectives, values and modernities repeatedly criss-cross each other “along turbulent lines rather than straight trajectories” (N. Papastergiadis). In such a context, other forms of collectivity and ways of relating to space emerge, which require and shape new combinations of geographic distance and intimacy, physical proximity and knowledge and familiarity.
Inspired by these observations, Contemporary Passages – via an exhibition, a public discussion and a film screening - explores the relationships between subjects and places, physical sites and community dynamics that occur while we live and move between multiple spaces, time zones and cultural contexts.